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During the course of "I Love Lucy," several bloopers were seen. Most were based upon contradictory facts (something that was revealed in one episode, but was completely different in another episode) while others were slip up's in the lines by the actors (since most of the scenes were recorded only one time). Several errors by the producers and camera men were made as well throughout the course of the show.
  • In the episode "Lucy Fakes Illness" it is said that the Ricardo's have been living the the Mertz building for 5 years (having moved in during 1948). Just episodes later, they had lived there 9 years and by 1954, they had lived there 12 years.
  • In the episode "The Ballet" Ted Kurtz was identified as Fred's ex vaudeville partner but in "Mertz and Kurtz," his partner was identified as Barney Kurtz.
  • In the episode "The Marriage License," Elizabeth Patterson played Mrs. Willoughby (mother) yet was later hired to play Mrs. Trumbull.
  • In the episode "Ricky Loses His Voice," pianist Marco Rizo makes an error when talking to Ricky by saying "okay, Des!"
  • In the episode "The Club Election," Lucy's friend was identified as Lillian Appleby, but from then on she was referred to as Caroline. This was due to the producers feeling that the name "Lillian" resembled the name "Lucy" too much.
  • In the episode "No Children Allowed," Ethel accidentally refers to neighbor Mrs. Trumbull as Mrs. Turnbull.
  • In the episode "Sales Resistance," Fred purchases a new washing machine for Ethel, but in a later episode, he buys the Ricardo's old washing machine.
  • In the episode "Lucy Tells the Truth," the Ricardo's apartment number was identified as 3D. In every episode before and after it, their apartment number was 3B.
  • In the episode "Redecorating the Mertzes' Apartment," Lucy slips up and says "Lets paint the furniture and reupholster the old furniture."
  • In the episode "The Camping Trip," Ethel knows how to drive, but mysteriously does not in the episode "Lucy Learns to Drive."
  • West Jamestown, the town Lucy claims to be from, does not exist.
  • In the episode "Paris at Last," a bottle of wine from California is seen on the sidewalk restaurant scene.
  • In the episode "Lucy and Superman," Ricky should have only been four years old, but he was celebrating his fifth birthday party.
  • The 'no pets' rent policy was enforced strictly in "Little Ricky Gets a Dog," but is not enforced for Mrs. Trumbull who has a cat.
  • In the episode "The Saxophone," Lucy says she only knows how to play "Glow Worm" on the saxophone, but plays "Sweet Sue" in a later episode.
  • In the episode "Lucy thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her," the bedroom set is visible when Lucy and Ricky are dancing.
  • In the episode "The Seance," the production crew's shadows are visible for most of the seance.
  • Bill and Grace Foster are mentioned to live in apartments 3B and 2A.
  • In the episode "Lucy Does a TV Commercial," Lucy is seen watching Ricky sing in the apartment. She is not suppose to be in the scene.
  • Ethel's middle name was mentioned as being Louise, Roberta, and Mae in various episodes during the show.
  • In the episode "Sales Resistance" we aren't quite sure how much Lucy paid for the Handy Dandy Kitchen Helper because she says it cost $7.95 and $7.98 at various points during the episode.
  • In the episode "Breaking the Lease," Fred and Ethel leave the Ricardo's apartment only to go opposite ways once in the hallway.
  • In the episode "The Handcuffs," while Ricky goes to the phone and pulls Lucy, the strongly locked handcuffs come undone. Lucy discretely refastens them. They are supposedly in handcuffs that are "unbreakable" forcing them to call a locksmith.
  • During the pilot episode, a mysterious shadow passes by the Ricardo's dresser in front of his bed before he wakes up.
  • In the episode "Breaking the Lease," Ethel is quite talented at playing the piano. Yet in the episode "Ragtime Band" (which is later than "Breaking the Lease") Ethel can't play the piano.
  • In the episode "Ricky Asks for a Raise," a table that is reserved for twelve only has four chairs.
  • Its uncommon for a factual error to be made in the same episode, but in the episode "Vacation from Marriage," Lucy and Ethel are in the kitchen when Ethel mentions that Fred hasn't changed in the 22 years they have been together. Just three minutes later, Fred notes that they have been married for 25 years.
  • In the episode "Redecorating," Fred can be seen on standby waiting for his cue in the hallway when Ricky goes to check out the progress of Ethel and Lucy's remodeling project.
  • In the episode "Lucy's Show Biz Swan Song," Lucy is seen untying her dress to make her pants fall.
  • In the episode "Ricky has Labor Pains," Lucy is reading a magazine...with an "I Love Lucy" picture on the cover page. She is reading an article about the show she is acting in.
  • In the episode "Lucy Learns to Drive," a cable can be seen pulling the Ricardo's Pontiac crashing it into Fred's Cadillac when Ethel supposedly steps on the gas.
  • In the episode "First Stop!" Lucys jacket is white when she gets out of the car to read a sign on a closed restaurant, but when she gets back in the car, her jacket is black.
  • In the episode "First Stop!" a track can be seen moving the bed about the room. A passing train is supposedly causing the bed to move.
  • In the episode "The Tour," Lucy and Ethel exit the tour bus (and are left by the bus driver) to get a grape fruit from Richard Widmark's tree, but when the bus is pulling away, Lucy and Ethel can be seen on the bus.
  • In the episode "Tennessee Ernie Visits," Ricky bends over to pick up a ticket while imitating cousin Ernie. The camera pans to the floor and reveals a wire tracking across the room.
  • In the episode "The Fox Hunt," as the horse takes off, someone is seen pulling the horse.
  • In the episode "Lucy Meets Bob Hope," Lucy gets her cleats caught in the new floor and had 1'x1' tiles on her shoes. Seconds later (without anyone there to remove them) the tiles are gone.
  • In the episode "Lucy Raises Chickens," when Little Ricky enters the house, someones hand is seen pushing him through the front door.
  • The Ricardo's phone number changed frequently throughout the course of the show. Some of the numbers mentioned included Murray Hill 5-9975, Murray Hill 5-9099, and Circle 7-2099. Producers did this to keep people from calling these numbers (which could have happened had one number been used throughout the course of the show).
  • In the episode "The Ricardo's Visit Cuba," Uncle Alberto destroys his hat while listening to Ricky and Little Ricky play the drums, but just a few seconds later, his hat is new.
  • In the episode "Lucy Wants to Move to the Country," Lucy, Fred, and Ethel visit the new house that the Ricardo's purchased (which is still occupied by its old owners) and a Grandfather clock can be seen near the door. Later, the house is completely empty, and the Grandfather clock is not next to the door. In the following episodes, when the Ricardo's own the house, the clock is back by the front door.
  • In the episode "Lucy Thinks Ricky is Going to Murder Her," Lucy can be seen purposely dropping the frying pan she was using to shield herself from Ricky.
  • In the episode "The Marriage License," Ricky and Lucy make several references to their car. But in episodes prior to going to Hollywood (which were after "The Marriage License") Lucy claims she has never owned a car before.
  • The living room couch seemed to magically change between the episodes "Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her" and "The Girls Want to Go to A Nightclub" (which are episodes that aired next to one another). It is never mentioned that Lucy or Ricky purchased the new couch.
  • In the episode "The Diet," Fred and Ethel have a dog named Butch. The dog is never seen after this episode. It is also strange because the building has a strict "no pets policy."
  • In the episode "Lucy and John Wayne," Ethel asks Lucy if she had seen the morning paper. While Ethel is speaking, something flies out of Lucy's hand.
  • In the episode "Redecorating the Mertzes Apartment," the foursome redecorate the Mertz apartment when feathers go flying everywhere. Back in the Ricardo apartment, a feather is seen drifting from the ceiling of the set. There shouldn't have been any feathers in the Ricardo apartment.
  • In the episode "Too Many Crooks," Lucy messes up on her line saying "Ricky, have you seen your silvo-silver cigarette case?"
  • In the episode "Dancing Star," Lucy refers to Ethel as "Viv" when they are in the dressing room.
  • In the episode "Lucy Hates to Leave," Ricky is pacing his living room (at 2:00 AM as the clock in the living room showed) when Lucy puts a smoldering cigarette in an ashtray. Ricky lays down, and gets up in an hour (the living room clock is now showing 3:00 AM), but the cigarette is still smoldering.
  • The room where Fred and Ethel stayed during their trip to Hollywood is the exact same room as seen when they leave Hollywood in "The Great Train Robbery."
  • In the episode "Getting Ready," Fred drives off in the Cadillac. The camera man follows him in the car and accidentaly reveals the audience.
  • The floorplan for the Ricardo's Connecticut house is extremely incorrect. The stairs in their kitchen clearly lead to nowhere because the upstairs is not situated in a way where the stairs off the kitchen would lead to anything. Furthermore, only two doors can be seen upstairs. Assuming one is Little Ricky's and one is the master bedroom, there is no bathroom.
  • In the episode "Ricky Minds the Baby," Ricky tells Lucy that he had never heard "...a mice giggle so loud," but in reality, Lucy never made any noise.
  • In the episode "Lucy's Schedule," Phoebe Littlefield messes up on her line saying "if my Alvin sees what he likes here tonight..." instead of saying "if my Alvin likes what he sees here tonight..."
  • In the episode "Lucy Writes a Play," Lucy gives Ethel a second copy of her script just seconds after she finishes typing its conclusion.
  • In the episode "California, Here we Come," Mrs. MacGillicuddy mentions that she will take her book to Dory Schary, but in a later episode she asks "Who's Dory Schary?"
  • In the episode "Jealous of a Girl Dancer," Ricky has a bad acting moment when he clearly steps on Rosemary's dress tearing it on purpose. The tear was suppose to be an accident, but it is quite obvious that it was intentional.
  • In the episode "The Operetta," the men are taking the props. But when they begin to take Ricky, one of the peasant girls is waiting to run out as if the men were in pursuit of her.
  • In the episode "Dancing Star," Lucy messes up her line saying "I did-I vanced with Dan." The line should have read "I did-I danced with Van."
  • In the episode "Lucy Goes to the Hospital," when Lucy says she is ready to go, Fred is seen purposely unlocking the suitcase to make all the articles of clothing fall out.
  • In the episode "The Audition Show," when Buffo crashed through the kitchen door, it is quite obvious that the door he crashed through was fake because the real door is seen in the kitchen leaning against the wall.
  • In the episode "Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation," when Freddy Fillmore asked Ethel & Fred whose mother she was, they said it was Ethel's mom. Ethel's last name was Potter. When Freddy told everyone that Mother Mertz was sick, it should have been Mother Potter.
  • In the episode "Getting Ready," a sting can be seen pulling the car.
  • At least two different dates are given as the Ricardo's anniversary in "Hollywood Anniversary" and "Anniversary Present."
  • In the episode "Ricky's Life Story," Ethel is reading an article about Ricky making arroz con pollo and mentions that he's made it dozens of times. But in the episode "Job Switching," he is unable to make arroz con pollo.
  • In the episode "Paris at Last," Ethel bought a bag (a leopard print document case). However, in an earlier episode ("Passports") Lucy is seen with the same bag when she is visiting Helen Kaiser.
  • In the episode "The Ballet," when Lucy's girdle falls off, you can see her untie it from behind.
  • In the episode "The I Love Lucy Christmas Show," the lights on their tree don't work after briefly being on. Lucy is seen unplugging the lights just before they go off. The group seems puzzled as to why the lights do not work.
  • In the episode "Lucy Goes to Alaska," Lucy throws blankets and pillows back onto the hammock after falling off, but in the very next scene the hammock's pillows and blanket are neatly arranged.
  • The actor who plays Ethel's father is only eight years her senior, and is seventeen years younger than Fred.
  • In the episode "Never Do Business With Friends," Lucy is seen pushing a washing machine just a few feet from her kitchen door to the Mertz's kitchen door. However, in every other episode, the Mertzes live one level below the Ricardo's.
  • In the episode "New Neighbors" Lucy listens through the furnace pipe spying on the new neighbors, but in "The Freezer" she seems to be confused as to why you can hear people talking through the furnace while putting meat in the freezer.

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